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Helium Gas Hire

If you wish to book a helium gas cylinder, advanced booking is highly recommened.

On booking we will require the following information if you have already purchased your balloons elsewhere, so that we can give you an accurate quotation on what size cylinder you will require.

Actual size of the balloon in inches & how many you wish to inflate

As professional balloon artists we recommend using balloons of a high quality like Qualatex or Anagram to achieve the best results for any balloon decorating. Please note that any balloons 10" or under are not suitable for helium inflation, thin and cheap balloons will only float for a couple of hours and if you purchase balloons with print on please make sure that the print will be facing the right way once inflated with helium (a common mistake made).

We stock Qualatex & Anagram balloons if you wish to purchase from us - see our Balloon Colour Chart section.

At The Pink Party Shop we are happy to hire out helium and give you the advise you need to enable you to do the balloons yourself. However, we do stress that depending on the scale of your event it is best to leave balloon decorating to the professionals. More often than not it works out more financially economical and takes the responsibility and pressure out of trying to do it yourself.